About Evil Supply Co.

Despite evidence to the contrary, Atticus is a real person. They are the writer, website maker, product designer, cartoonist (etc.) behind Evil Supply Co.

My personal fandoms include cozy and cheesy Halloween decorations and stories, Scooby Doo (nearly all versions), She-Ra: Princess of Power (emphasis on the reboot), diners, root beer (emphasis on floats), and the various subjects Evil Supply Co. explores as this entire project is extremely self indulgent.

Atticus Q. Redghost cavorting foolishly with friends.

Atticus Q. Redghost cavorting foolishly with friends.

I started kicking the idea around for “a stationery company for villains” in about 2009 or so, tinkering with countless names and aesthetics (everything from retro mad science to burlesque and pinup) until solidifying the core concept in mid 2012. I took a trip to Salem, MA that Halloween to officially launch the company. At a bar, over a dark porter ale seasonally named “bat brew,” a large pile of french fries, and an excellent hamburger, I solemnly announced “Evil Supply Co. is open!” A hurricane stormed outside and after finishing the meal, I tottered to a local witch shop for a tarot card reading and then down the street for a tattoo! (This is, surprising myself as much as anyone else, a completely true story).

The goal, as a company, is to remain tiny. I want to remain soft and spooky without restriction. Though challenging, this allows much treasured freedom.

All Evil Supply Co. stories and comics take place exclusively in the Netherworld, an infinitely sprawling dimension full of monsters, ghosts, witches, mermaids, dragons, goblins… you get the picture.

It should be noted that the Netherworld is literally infinite. It exists as if it were a flat planet, extending in all directions, including down, forever. Resources are plentiful and evenly spread, there is no want or widespread woe. This isn’t to say there isn’t battle — plenty of adventurers exist, traipsing and cavorting all over. Conflict is voluntary and enjoyable between hunting parties and realm-defenders, each seeking for personal growth and glory and fun.

Science in the Netherworld is on par with modern Earth, though magic largely replaces electricity.

Exploration can be challenging and accurate cartography is outright impossible. All realms shift within the Netherworld, and while they generally remained grouped together, your distant neighbors today might not be there tomorrow. Individual realms do not shift size or change in shape — if you remain in the village of Peyroux for an entire year, the area within Peyroux will not have changed, but the realms bordering it will have several times over.

Aesthetically, much of this world borrows from fantastical Europe with the occasional 1980s-90s America touchpoint peppered in. Castles and manors abound, surrounded by picturesque villages and haunted forests interrupted by a storefront renting VHS tapes or selling records and cassettes. There are no cars or trains, transportation involves magic, brooms, or carts. There are no guns, all weaponry is melee based.

There are not, nor have there ever been, nor will there ever be humans in the Netherworld. All characters and references, named or anonymous, are in some way monstrous or undead or both.