My Turn to Pay

“I think you three paid last time, no?” Margot offered. She reached for her wallet and found it missing. Pursing her lips in amusement, the necromancer eyed the rabbits, each regarding her with a happy, innocent expression as it finished the last of its meal.

“Bribe Me”

The vampire folded her arms and glared at the witch. “Please let me in.” Her invitation had been revoked. Lazily, the witch leaned back in her chair and gazed across the open door’s impenetrable threshold. She stretched, yawned, picked up a feyburn apple from a bowl on a side table, and finally took a generous bite before replying.

Nothing Goes Right

Like a storm too tightly stuffed with lightning, the witch began: “I overslept. Twice. I have some of those Reverse Morning clocks, yeah? Well I used two to make sure I wouldn’t oversleep. Smart, right? Fool proof? Well I am the fool’s proof!

The Rabbit and the Skeleton

The skeleton laid in the earth, alone with its hallowed thoughts, for what seemed like an endless procession of years. Halfway through a yawn (out of habit, its lungs had long vanished), it heard the first sound to echo through the grave in… my oh my, how long...

The Witch & Vampire Begin Dating

Penny P. Post kissed at the air in greeting to the witch, whose green-hued happy blush was lost to the swamp light. She handed her a black rose. “Waiting long?” Zelda K. Arcadia smiled, accepting the gift.

May the Best Slime Win

“May the best slime win,” Logarithm offered haughtily. Jaq cheerfully agreed, much to Anna’s annoyance. Into her giant pumpkin-turned-cauldron, Jaq poured snow and slush, mixing them with heaping spoonfuls of grave dirt and stirring it all with a giant bone.

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