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My Turn to Pay

“I think you three paid last time, no?” Margot offered. She reached for her wallet and found it missing. Pursing her lips in amusement, the necromancer eyed the rabbits, each regarding her with a happy, innocent expression as it finished the last of its meal.

Aquamarine Rabbits in the Cupboards

Harper L. Vandergloom, undead librarian, idly ran a skeletal finger down the front of the her large personal card catalog. Her home library has grown so large over the centuries, and she found organization so enjoyable, that this simple solution resolved many problems at once. Harper’s talon stopped at a card drawer that read, “Paw, Purple,” and opened it.

Time to Read

Harper L. Vandergloom, skeleton, looked up from her book in annoyance. “Nooo!” Sigh. Bookmark. Grab cloak, stuff everything into satchel, run out the door. Black Rose Blooming in Darkest Space would have to wait.

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