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Early Morning

It will be several hours before the sun rises and warms the home of Red Kelp, dryad, and her wife Strawberry, mermaid. “Kelp? K-eee-l-p? Kelp-leaves? K-e-e-e-l-p? Kelpie?” the mermaid whispered urgently, shaking the dryad gently.

Sleepy Wives Club

“Tell me a happy story,” the dryad sleepily mumbled to her wife, curled up in her arms. The mermaid smiled and ran a gentle hand along the dryad’s cheek.

“Good Morning, Lazy Scales”

Hair as wild as a storm, tail drifting back and forth, eyes as bleary as a treasure map, the mermaid began to reply but opted instead to simply stick out her tongue and make a silly “vrrpt” noise.

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