The massive globe of water rose from the sea and bobbed up and down — a bubble of water, floating on water, held together by magic and swaying with the wind and riding the waves like a globe-shaped boat.

“It works!” Sophie M. Starwater, elemental mage, cried out in joy as she crested the top of the bubble, surveying the horizon. “Oh! Sorry–!” she called out. A sea lion, caught in the bubble as an unwilling stowaway, poked out of one side and began howling. “I said I was sorry!” Sophie shouted in frustration, grabbing a fish swimming near her submerged leg and tossing it. The sea lion dove, catching the fish in midair, and plunged into the sea with a satisfied growl.

Relations between sea and land monsters tend to be friendly but distant. Needs and adventures differ widely, so the worlds historically have kept to themselves. Until a mermaid met and fell in love with a dryad, moved to the Above, married her, and they built a second, aquatic home so they could balance their time Above and Below.

With the final test successful, Sophie officially began a new touring and adventuring company. GeoTours conjures bubbles of water in the sea that float up and wash onto land, simply rolling along paths and roads.

“Thank you for joining me on this tour, my friends,” Sophie called out into the bubble. The mermaids, sea nymphs, and aquatic fae all listened eagerly. Couples passed shells full of snacks to each other and whispered partially accurate theories as the bubble-ship left the beach and headed into something called “a forest.”

The trees bent their branches to dip into the bubble and the traveling sea monsters eagerly caressed the leaves. A few apples were released and the monsters shared the bounty with each other. Aquatic magic was transferred to the trees as payment.

Propelled as much by wind as magic, each GeoTour is unique. “And here we find ourselves at Raven’s Beak Bluff!” Sophie called to the day’s guests. “Corvids are — whoops!” The wind shifted. “Looks like we are headed to the Plains of Goblinkins. We will meet orcs and hobgoblins today, and if we are lucky, we will catch up with the trolls too!” A collective sound of excitement reverberated through the bubble.

In the distance, having smelled the sudden induction of saltwater into the air, a group of goblins grinned with excitement themselves. Only a few had ever met mermaids before, so the entire tribe began to gather in the center of the encampment. The exchange of cultures would be a welcome treat.

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