Picnic on the Moon

Humming silently to himself, the lich plodded with a happy gait to an empty lunar spot. An unheard spell encased a small patch in a transparent bubble, and a magic candle, upon lighting, began filling it with heat and air. Within a few minutes, the bubble was perfectively inhabitable and very comfortable for the living.

The lich made a vague gesture in the sign language of the arcane and the fabric of reality bent as a gorgon teleported into the bubble. Stretching to her full height on her long, thick serpentine tail, the gorgon turned towered over the undead monster. She leaned down and kissed her husband. “Hello my ghost heart.”

“Hello my snake cakes,” the lich chirped happily.

“I’ve brought dinner if you are hungry?” the gorgon asked. From a satchel, she took out a picnic blanket, several small containers and two sets of flatware. She flapped the blanket several times to straighten it out then laid it down carefully over the lunar soil.

“Dying of hunger, thank you love,” the lich helped set up the meal. He opened two bottles of Centaur & Squirrel brand root beer, one for them each. “I brought you something, I was down in Gardot earlier.” From his robes, the lich brought out a black wedge bound in red string.

“Cheese! Kraken ink cheddar? Oh thank you sweets!” With her claws, the gorgon cut the bindings and began slicing the block into bite-sized pieces. “Will you share some with me?”

“Oh, just one slice, please. How was your day?”

The gorgon fed the lich the largest slice, cut with a talon. “Hero invasion today in the volcano, they came prepared with Fire Warding charms. But their ranger also tried to use a Rain spell for some daft reason,” the gorgon snorted. “A miscast, or maybe he was trying to create a smoke screen? There is — I mean, just everywhere — boiling water and steam. So then their mage tried Create Ice Storm to cool thing down. Of course it worked, but, hi, volcano versus no more than mid-level magic lest they unbalance their protective charms. Exploding balls of ice, more scalding steam. Chaos!”

The lich laughed. “Did you get any attacks in before their incompetence did your job for you?”

“The knights and warriors survived, their armor had heavy enchantments and being plate mail, they could hold off against the ice missiles.” The gorgon paused her story to savor a piece of the cheese. “This really is excellent thank you.” She began making the lich’s favorite sandwich. “Oh! So, steam everywhere. So they couldn’t see.”

“But you could,” the lich added lovingly.

The gorgon grinned in reply, her snake hair hissing happily.

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