Original Peyroux Dispatch

The Peyroux Dispatch was a four page newspaper included in Evil Supply Co.’s subscription box, Mister Ghost’s Highly Enviable Monthly Parcel of Simple Yet Amazing Wonderments, lasting 21 issues before I quietly closed the company in the summer of 2019.

It was never my intention to give up my lifelong love of monsters, of ghosts, of Halloween, witches, mermaids, and everything that goes bump in the night. I will admit the hours were dark between closing and re-opening, I frequently doubted if I had the ability to continue.

Luck, persistence, and the moon’s blessing lent favors, and here we are.

Evil Supply Co. has officially returned.

Please do not upload

The Dispatch Omnibus is available for free, as a PDF or eBook, in my small way to give back to the haunted community. I ask you do not upload it anywhere, I ask that you link to this page when distributing, so I may showcase my current work to new visitors and returning readers.

A few story changes

In the rebuilding of Evil Supply Co., I started pouring over notes and memories and sketches and countless scraps of mummy wrapping and gravestone to see where I left off, what I hadn’t been able to accomplish, what could have been done better. The base nature of an infinite Netherworld, a utopia for creatures, worked really well but some edits were needed to keep going long term.

The overwhelming majority of The Dispatch remains canon and is the foundation of current and future stories, comics, legends, lore, and rambles. While most changes will be subtle, there are a few fairly large shifts:

  1. The character Atticus Q. Redghost has been retired and replaced with Anna Logarithm in most places (though they do still exist occasionally in the background). I (Atticus the real person) inserted myself in the narratives because the Netherworld is a place I desperately want to live in. So saying, the temptation to make the character Atticus powerful and without fault grew untenable.
  2. The character Red Kelp has been renamed Red Leaf. There have been no changes to her personality, marriage to Strawberry, magical disabilities (…you get the picture). In review of her stories, the need to point out that she is a forest monster and not an aquatic monster (despite her name) grew very tiresome.
    1. Strawberry calls her wife “Leafie” instead of “Kelpie” now — and on that note, I now have the ability to add “kelpies” as a sea monster without adding another layer of unnecessary editorial confusion!
    2. The story of how Red Leaf meets Strawberry has been updated. The original, posted on Tumblr in October 2015, is similar to the new story: they meet, cannot speak the other’s language, fall in love slowly as they learn about the other.
  3. Humans are mentioned a handful of time in the original Dispatch. This has been remedied.
    1. Humans have not, will not, cannot know of or enter the Netherworld. Similarly, the Netherworld cannot enter or know of Earth and the real world.
    2. I am retroactively excluding them. So many (if not the overwhelming majority) of monster stories in the real world feature humans, at least in the background if not as a major plot point. The more I read and write and draw, the more aggravating I find this. I want at least one world where monsters can exist without humanity.
  4. Although robots, space travel, ray guns, killer robots (etc.) have not featured heavily in Evil Supply Co., I am retroactively excluding them entirely. I have come to realize that somewhat retro/mostly modern magical fantasy is where my heart lays.
The core storytelling remains the same

Themes remain happy, rarely showing the beginning or the end of storylines. Spelling mistakes sprinkle in, grammar challenges automated systems and studious if non-professional review. Monsters remain queer. The tales ramble.

I love B horror movies — filmed cheaply, edited quickly, over- and under-acted, with shoddy sets and questionable plot lines that do not make sense nor end tidily. It is in this method and level of quality I am most comfortable creating in.

Thank you for being here

Building this weird, rambling, often non-sensical company has been the journey of a lifetime. While one chapter has closed, I am immensely grateful another is opening. I am so grateful you have returned. May the moon bless you and guide your path.

Atticus Q. Redghost
August 7, 2020