Privacy Policy

Your data is never shared, sold, or otherwise distributed

Data is used for order shipping, inventory tracking, personal curiosity, and basic marketing. The very limited info I gather is never shared, sold, or otherwise distributed to anyone at any time for any reason.


Google Analytics is used to help determine who visits the site, from where, for how long, where they come from, and where they go. This information may be viewed by Google. Similarly, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr track user clicks, time spent on pages, entry and exit, and a variety of other data you have submitted (or they have found via their algorithms). I peak into this info occasionally to see how people find this site and other sites owned by Evil Supply Co.

How long I retain your data

Data is held until it is requested to be scrubbed.

You have full rights over your data

You may request any and all data collected about you by emailing Upon request, it will be permanently deleted. All efforts will be made to transmit and/or delete your data to you as quickly as possible. All data requests will be honored with all Evil Supply Co. digital properties, you do not need to make separate requests for the blog, the store, etc.