The vampire folded her arms and glared at the witch. “Please let me in.” Her invitation had been revoked.

Lazily, the witch leaned back in her chair and gazed across the open door’s impenetrable threshold. She stretched, yawned, picked up a feyburn apple from a bowl on a side table, and finally took a generous bite before replying…


“Are you going to make me wait out here all night, then?”

“Thinking about it. Bribe me.”

Centuries of marital bliss are built with love, affection, and mischief. The bargaining ended several minutes later with the vampire promising her wife:

  • A back rub
  • Taking care of the cauldron cleaning duty for a week
  • The witch could pick the next two movies
  • Thirteen pumpkin spice cookies

“And you have to win me a plush at the Halloween carnival.”

“How am I going to do that tonight when it starts this weekend?”

“Not my problem.” And this was the last straw.

With a gesture, the vampire summoned an arcane wind that picked the witch up and sent her flying out the door. Laughing wildly, the two chased each other deep into Autumn’s Lost Wood.

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