Dinner wasn’t quite ready, so Nixxi opened her shell-phone and with thin interest, browsed her latest matches.

“…no… no… ung, no… no…”

She declined invitations from handfuls of sailors and pirates, all of whom made increasingly infuriating suggestions about the her sea nymph qualities. Frustrated and bored, she deleted, deleted, hexed, deleteduntil:

“Oh, tides.” Nixxi has a weakness for brown eyes, and user Brackish_Princss has a pair so pure in color the rest of the world dimmed to a pale twilight.

The sea witch had light brown skin the color of warm sunshine, and a smile — well, you get the picture.

Currently studying why some spells are magnified by salt water and others are severely hindered by it.

Nixxi read the occupational quote several times with a satisfied smile. She opened a message bubble and sent a note: May be able to help with your salt/fresh water aquatic magic queries.

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