It will be several hours before the sun rises and warms the home of Red Kelp, dryad, and her wife Strawberry, mermaid.

“Kelp? K-eee-l-p? Kelp-leaves? K-e-e-e-l-p? Kelpie?” the mermaid whispered urgently, shaking the dryad gently.

“Huh?” Red Kelp snorted and awoke, “What where wha?”

“I wanted to say I’m sorry, love.” The mermaid said with a distressed tone. She bit her lip. “I’m sorry.”

“What is happening? What time is it?” Red is not made for the wee hours of the morning. “Who am I? Is it morning?” The dryad massaged the side of her head and horns as she tried to press a train of thought together.

“I fell asleep in the lounge and you carried me to bed and I didn’t say ‘good night’ or kiss you.”

There were too many words and they came too quickly to process. Red had Strawberry repeat what happened several times, before finally —

“Berry, none of that happened like that. Yes, you fell asleep on the chaise while reading The Sassy Sea Witch, but you kissed me several times as I brought you to bed and you made me read the last few pages of your chapter while you fell asleep. After,” Red interrupted an interruption in progress with a raised finger, “you kissed me good night. Several times.”

The mermaid smiled brightly and kissed the dryad again and again. For her part, the dryad mumbled and rolled over, gratefully on the verge of falling asleep again.

“Kelp Forest. Megakelps. Kelpie. I also ate your breakfast because I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. Then I raided your closet and I’m borrowing your favorite shirt, the blue violet with the potion bottle pat-tern on it KELPIE! AH! Stop tickling me!” the mermaid happily giggled as her wife arose like a sleepy wraith intent on tickling a trespasser that dared disturb her rest.

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