The door chimes rang out with a loud, menacing BONG and nearly immediately the door began to creak open. Yellow, reptilian eyes opened in the darkness, casting a mystic light all their own.

“Trick or treat!” shouted the ghost dressed as a villain, the librarian wrapped like a mummy, the mermaid dressed as a tree, the dryad wearing a diner waitress costume.

“I choose,” the darkness hissed, “TRICK!”

The gloom parted and the gorgon revealed herself, stretched to an impressive height on her snake tail. Fangs bared, claws raised, she directed her snake hair to turn each of the Halloween guests to stone!

Giggling, the gorgon wound her way through the statues, admiring each costume as she placed a heap of candy into their treat bags. Upon finishing her task, the gorgon reversed the stone spell with a blink of her beautiful, wretched eyes. The crowd cheered wildly and heaped their thanks to the gorgon. She kissed each cheek or lips or winked at those who preferred to wave.

“Happy Halloween!” the guests called out.

“Happy Halloween!” the monster hostess returned as she drew back into the shadows, preparing for the next group.

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