“Oh, my, sweet, stars,” Strawberry, mermaid, mumbled haltingly to herself as she helped her wife into her water elemental costume. Embellished with animated waves, the dress and scarf flowed around the dryad continuously, shifting with every movement and hint of wind.

Red Kelp dons a costume that leaves her wife, Strawberry, momentarily speechless. Zelda, a witch, dresses as Lemon Peel, a dragon.

“It isn’t too much?” Red Kelp, dryad, asked coquettishly as she raised a lunar-themed domino mask over her face. The costume was far more revealing than her typically modest wardrobe choices.

Strawberry, resplendent in a centaur costume, quietly rambled about lunar beauty and low tides in her native language, Mer, as Red leaned in and kissed her softly.

Across the village and running less late for the first dance, Penny P. Post, vampire, dressed as a bar of Ecto Bones chocolate, entered the hall on the arm of Zelda K. Arcadia, witch, dressed as Lemon Peel, the famed tiny yellow dragon. Zelda’s familiar, a winged black cat, Soot, soon followed as an illusion of a flying jack-o-lantern.

As the sky changed dresses from twilight to dim, beautiful night, more and more citizens and visitors of the tiny, much haunted village sauntered and sashayed into the great dance hall.

Halloween celebrations in the tiny village of Peyroux begin for the current year in September, having just ended the previous year’s tricks and treats on the last day of August.

A lavish masquerade was chosen to open the festivities this year, creating countless friendly rivalries as monsters sought to temporarily become incorporeal ghosts, as liches developed illusions to appear as walking trees, and the magical rabbits of the Purple Paw Thievery assumed the identity of the Potion Maker’s Authority masters with an actual, working demonstration table at the party.


Friends dressed as each other, of local legends, or monsters and ghosts living far away. Anna Logarithm, a villain, dressed as a sea nymph priestess, danced with Nixxi Z. Dagon, an actual sea nymph, dressed as Anna.

“Trick-or-treat?” asked Margot V. Shadow, necromancer, in a resplendent gingerbread witch costume complete with a candy cane wand.

“Treat,” Nixxi grinned as she switched dance partners, her pace picking up. Margot returned the grin and pair swirled off. Anna, grateful for rest, headed off to hand out candy and play tricks on newcomers.

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