“You are in a hot air balloon,” the witch choked on her surprise. She leaned forward on her broom and adjusted her wire spectacles to ensure her ancient eyes weren’t deceiving her.

“Yes ma’am, and we need to talk to you about some unauthorized Polymorphing of the mayor and his cabinet. I understand you turned them into an actual cabinet set.”

“You got in a hot air balloon?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“To chase me.”

“Yes, and if you will please come with us and land in the clearing below. Ma’am… Ma’am…! MA’AM PLEASE STOP CALLING THE WIND!”

The constable began to weave a thick tapestry of obscenities tightly stitched with the witch’s howls of amusement as she summoned the wind and blew the hot air balloon to the south.

Satisfied it was on an opposing current, she turned her broom north, and flew into the night.

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