Red Kelp, the aquatically named dryad, carefully poured mud into the cake pan. She brushed it with a bit of Sunshine potion mixed with marsh garlic and butterflower pollen, hardening the mud into a thin crust.

Red checked the recipe needlessly. She has made moss cake countless times and has long since memorized the recipe and steps. Bluewood moss comes next, then a layer of deadly nightshade, strips of ghoul oak bark sliced paper thin, fresh hemlock…

Moss cake is not difficult to make but it is exceptionally time consuming.

A few hours of baking passed as Red Kelp sat in the living room, reading a novel about a magical goat. She returned to the kitchen when a small timer pinged.

Pulling the pan from the oven, Red took a deep breath to enjoy the poisonous and verdant aromas. Perfect.

Red packed the cake into a carrier, selected a bottle of dragon ember nectar, a bowl, and a wine glass. She twirled a voluminous scarlet cloak around her shoulders and headed out into Autumn’s Lost Wood.

By the time she reached the clearing, the will-o-wisps were already gathering in the dimming evening. Pinpoints of spectral light, they “spoke” of hidden places and forgotten treasures to travelers, leading them to their doom. To dryads and forest fey, they are virtually unmatched gossip gatherers.

The wisps blinked excitedly as Red Kelp unwrapped her cloak and laid it out like a blanket. She set down the cake, poured a glass of nectar for herself and a bowl for the wisps. “Tell… me… everything,” Red smiled and sipped from her glass.

As the sun set and the wisps divulged their news, Red Kelp’s joyous laughter ran through the trees.

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