Basking comfortably in the magma pool, the red dragon taunted the gorgon with a series of roars and bellows.

Laughing wildly, the gorgon leapt from the rock shelf, plummeting down into the magma and splashing everywhere. She bobbed up from the pool’s base and shook off the hardening rock. “Easily a ten — and doubtlessly better than yours.”

“Are you being serious right now?” the dragon roared in defiance. “My splash easily covered the entire cavern!”

A dragon roars as a gorgon raspberries him from a pool of magma.

“You lost points for lack of grace,” the gorgon replied with a haughty air. “But, fine, let’s ask the gentlemen sneaking in through the northeastern vent. And oh!” the gorgon called out with pleasure, turning around and looking up towards the adventuring party. “They brought a wizard. Surely they can stay for dinner?”

“In fact, I rather insist, we are having a roast,” the dragon hissed before unleashing a blast of flame, incinerating the party’s forward scout.

“Get behind me!” the wizard shouted as he sought to strengthen his shielding spell. Without the ability to surprise the monsters, it was time to shift all energy from stealth to defense.

“Marvelous idea, my darling,” the gorgon replied as she walked out of the walls behind the heroes.

The rock gave way to her teleporting spell as easily as a silk curtain. The gorgon sized the party’s archer and turned him into stone, disrupting an otherwise perfectly aimed shot that would have taken the dragon’s eye.

“You owe me!” the gorgon called out to the dragon, who blew a smoke ring in reply.

A warrior raised a pike in challenge to the approaching gorgon. Protected by a smattering of spells and enchanted armor, he resisted her initial stone-stare attack. He could not, unfortunately, so easily overcome simple physics. The gorgon knocked the pike away with her serpentine lower half and then simply pushed him backwards into the frantically casting wizard.

Magic user and fighter fell into a clumsy pile, and then with a gentle nudge, into the magma pool below. While the initial splash wasn’t terrifically large, the ensuing explosion of pent up enchantments being overwhelmed with heat rocked the cavern and shook loose several stalactites.

Roared the dragon, “You don’t get all the credit!”

“How do you even begin to rob me of this victory?” the gorgon laughed.

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