Brunch at Creepy Crepes, the haunted diner, was perfect as always. Margot V. Shadow had a grave slab of scrambled cockatrice eggs, moldy toast, gloomberry juice, and jack-o-lantern hemlock. Her companions, three bright and colorful rabbits from the Purple Paw Thievery, each had small bowls of lichroot and dryad’s blush flowers.

“Whenever you’re ready,” Bea, the waitress, said as she put down the check. She smiled at Margot and kissed each rabbit on the top of its head. “Never a rush darlins.”

“I think you three paid last time, no?” Margot offered. “I’ll take care of this.”

She reached for her wallet and found it missing. Pursing her lips in amusement, the necromancer eyed the rabbits, each regarding her with a happy, innocent expression as it finished the last of its meal.

This, of course, created an unexpected wrinkle for the rabbits.

The Purple Paw Thievery love to steal and do so on every possible occasion. But as much as they love to purloin, they often fail to plan.

“No, no,” one of the rabbits offered. “You picked up the check last time, this is on us.” Another rabbit hopped over and nuzzled its head into Margot’s hands, an adorable decoy to prevent her from searching her purse further. And possibly to pick up another potion or scroll from her pockets.

“Really, though,” Margot said she picked up the rabbit and snuggled it to her face. “I insist.”

All three rabbits, without a word, took off running, scrambling and leaving the diner in an instant.

Margot finishes her breakfast, politely ignoring the thieving rabbits running away.

“I’m sorry, but can you…” Margot asked a passing waitress, gesturing to the three cotton tails as they took off through the door.

“I’ll put it on your tab, hun, no worries. Expected as much when I saw ’em come in.”

Margot smiled, “Thank you.” She ate the last bite of her toast and gathered up what was left of her belongings, mentally taking stock of what to steal back from her rabbit friends.

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