In the home’s small library, Petrus Caldron, lich, quietly read through a recently acquired book on star magic. He ran a skeletal finger across the page, instantly memorizing each word as he touched it. And, then suddenly, WHOOSH! The book burst into flame. Chuckling, the lich closed the covers and extinguished the book. He recognized the magical signature immediately.

Bones creaking with age, the lich stood and glided out of the room and through the hallways linking the sprawling castle’s many sections. He passed through walls as if they didn’t exist, pausing only when he reached a door engraved with beautiful serpent motif. Snakes of all sizes coiled over each other, silently hissing, wooden fangs bared against intruders.

The lich knocked quietly on the door, letting himself in when he heard a quiet snore in reply. Magma Hamilton Flamingo, gorgon, sat hunched over her work table, asleep. Her snake hair similarly dozed, curled around her neck.

“Come on, Honey Ham,” the lich whispered, his voice as soft as his arms are strong. He lifted the gorgon up and coiled her long, serpentine tail around his abdomen.

“Not sleeping…” the gorgon grumbled, “…put me back. Must keep working.”

“You mumbled an Ignite Stars spell and lit my book on fire,” the lich countered as the gorgon squeezed. Had he breath, it would have been driven from him. “You are working very hard, you need your rest.”

The gorgon’s hissing protest was interrupted by an involuntary yawn. “Stay with me?” Hamilton asked softly as her tail unwound from the lich and she poured herself into bed. “Just a little while?”

Petrus eased himself into the bed and wrapped an arm around his wife, just above her tail. His own work would have to wait, he was needed here. “Of course love,” he promised.

Within minutes, the gorgon’s snake hair began to hiss as they fell asleep, one by one.

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