The skeleton laid in the earth, alone with its hallowed thoughts, for what seemed like an endless procession of years. Halfway through a yawn (out of habit, its lungs had long vanished), it heard the first sound to echo through the grave in… my oh my, how long now? A duet of pleasures — for how long has it been since it had a mystery?

A wild hare burst through the grave wall, making a startled noise and jumping around in quick, tight circles.

After a handful of panicked minutes, the young rabbit settled in the skeleton’s rib cage and huddled in fear.

Carefully, the skeleton turned its skull to face the creature. Slowly, it reached up a talon to gently pet the bun. After a few moments, the rabbit calmed, and a bit later, it fell asleep.

The rabbit lay safe and the skeleton was supremely happy.

For the rest of its days, the rabbit would return to the skeleton nearly every night to sleep where once a heart beat.

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