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The Pie Monster

From the hallway’s adjoining kitchen, a caged snarl crackled through the air. Waves of eldritch energy began to radiate as the unseen force drew together, coalescing into a powerful beast. Without another word, Margot hoisted her baker’s morning star, a formidable weapon, and marched into the kitchen.

Marvelous Magma

The gorgon bobbed up from the magma pool’s base and shook off the hardening rock. “Easily a ten — and doubtlessly better than yours.” The dragon roared in defiance, “are you being serious right now?”

Picnic on the Moon

A gorgon teleported into the bubble created by the lich. Stretching to her full height on her long, thick serpentine tail, the she turned towered over the undead monster. Leaning down, she kissed her husband. “Hello my ghost heart.”

The Villain’s Medicine

The royal guard inspected the presented seal and said, “His majesty thanks you for your service and wishes you to camp here, Master Redghost.”The villain grumbled for a moment but conceded. So much for spying on the castle’s layout.

Lemon Peel’s Snack

Lemon Peel, a tiny dragon, gazed greedily at the vending machine. The facts of location (a hero guild hall), size (the selection pad glimmered out of reach), and lack of money on hand did not enter the creature’s scheming.

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