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Gorgon Halloween

The door chimes rang out with a loud, menacing BONG and nearly immediately the door began to creak open. Yellow, reptilian eyes opened in the darkness, casting a mystic light all their own. “Trick or treat!” shouted the ghost dressed as a villain.

An Autumn Sprite’s Work

As autumn crept through the forest, the sprite’s hair and skin drew into a golden shimmer. Excitedly, she marveled at the fiery highlights and new hues.

Pumpkin and Woodsmoke

There is one Halloween tradition that so regularly wins in competitions that it is often given its own category: Penny P. Post’s pumpkin and woodsmoke cookies.

Halloween Masquerade

Friends dressed as each other, of local legends, or monsters and ghosts living far away. Anna Logarithm, a villain, dressed as a sea nymph priestess, danced with Nixxi Z. Dagon, an actual sea nymph, dressed as Anna.

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